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Techfortrade launches new initiative for ethical 3D printing filament

techfortrade today announces the launch of The Ethical Filament Foundation. The initiative will work in partnership with organisations around the world to set the benchmark for the manufacture of ethically produced 3D printing filament, made from recycled plastic waste.

Read the full press release on the website

With the growing global market for 3D printer filament, The Ethical Filament Foundation will ensure the availability of a recycled, ethical alternative to the standard virgin plastic variety. The initiative aims to both provide income stability for waste pickers in developing countries and to reduce the environmental impact by helping to cut levels of plastic waste.

The Ethical Filament Foundation is working on the development of a recognised standard and a global mark that will be licensed for use by partner organisations producing filament in accordance with its guidelines. A draft of these guidelines has been released for comment and review and is available via the Foundation’s website. (... extract from the press release)